• Saudi Arabia | Offices

    24 North Jeddah
    Jeddah,Saudi Arabia
    • 6,210 SQM Lot Area
    • 5 Blocks
24 North Jeddah is an office building located on a 6210 sqm plot on Prince Sultan Road, Jeddah north of Al Tareekh Roundabout. The building form was shaped by the linear site (230m by 27m) and the clients’ requirement to market leasable office as independent building units. As such the building was divided into 5 main building units each served by its own lobby and service cores. At Basement level all 5 blocks are integrated through one single open space for covered parking.

Due to Municipality restrictions the west elevation needed to be fairly solid with minimal openings towards the adjacent residential district and consequently the building’s vertical and horizontal circulation and service cores are all located towards west and office space facing the main road on east. The design adopts sustainable technologies including an integrated sunshades curtain wall system used to reduce internal glare and control solar heat gain on the east façade. Moreover a TermoDeck energy efficient HVAC system is also used. The coordinated integration of structural and HVAC systems with architectural space and envelope treatments contribute to a total of more than 50% reduction of active energy needed to cool a building.

The architectural vocabulary of the design is highly contextual to the region yet uncompromisingly modernist with a unique combination of local Riyadh stone contrasted with graphite grey metal panels cladding the facades. 24 North Jeddah won the 2004 Architecture+ Award for architecture and was nominated for the 2007 Aga Khan Award for architecture.

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