• Saudi Arabia | Offices

    Dar Al Iftaa 
    Taif, Saudi Arabia
    • 2 Offices Blocks
A two-block construction with a traditional design element, this governmental building in Taif's city is a beloved addition to its infrastructure. With optimal and systematic planning revealing itself in every inch of the building, this multi-use building is an example of efficient execution.

Value Excellence
The headquarters of the Religious Mufti in Taif, Saudi Arabia, this mixed-use development has many aspects. With a dual block construction connected by a single central atrium, the building serves as the office of the Mufti, his advisors, and his staff. The skylit atrium in the middle of the 2 office blocks holds the central reception/lobby of the development.
For the design of the project, an abstract Islamic design vocabulary was adopted that showcases several additional cues taken from the local Taif architecture. In line with that, both the office blocks are served by one centralized service core. Because of the nature of Taif’s climate, the windows in the building make use of smaller apertures to minimize the solar heat gain and glare.

Design & Quality Excellence
For the construction of the Religious Mufti, Diyar brought together the elements of excellent design and unmatched quality in everything.
●    Dual block design with a central skylit atrium
●    Follows an Islamic design element with cues from traditional Taif architecture
●    Small window design to reduce heat gain and glare

Location Excellence
This governmental building is located in the city of Taif, where it is easily connected with the rest of the province through major road routes.

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