At Diyar, architecture is our lead service; from creating aesthetical eye catching designs that leaves lasting memories ensuring high-end quality product meeting top practices and latest construction technologies. That process success is maintained from the start till the handover through most proven integrative design processes while keeping our client’s interest and expectation as a goal through engaging them in the process. Our design capabilities, built by the decades, cover varying project scales of different types.

In DIYAR, architecture is always custom tailored to fit the specific project requirements and needs. The design is always adjoined by other qualities that praise the end-user experience, functionality, sustainability, cultural values, and the environment where that architecture will flourish. We take the pride in developing in-house extensive details and BIM libraries of most architectural styles being used in Saudi Arabia and the World.

Our architecture & design services include:
  • Master Planning and Urban Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape
Architecture & Design
Our multi-disciplinary Engineering Services stands out proving over the years how our outcomes of Building Services and Infrastructure Solutions are being cost effective, sustainable designs, ensuring the well-being and user comfort while having a rewarding end product. Diyar has engineered some of the well-known hotels, universities, airports, shopping malls and high rise buildings across the Middle East.

To construct the most innovative design proposals, Diyar ensures these designs can be implemented with the cooperation of high caliber engineers from various disciplines. Our engineers, the key team players, accompany DIYAR architects in the integrative approaches, utilizing the BIM technology with complete modeled and coordinated projects. Such technology supports the team with simulations and energy modeling that demonstrate a head of time how that building will actually perform – ensuring to clients and end user that what being set as a goal will end up built and celebrated.

Our engineering services include:
  • Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering and Transportations
Engineering Services
Diyar provides a wide range of project and construction management services, representing a high-level of management, coordination and reporting during the construction period. We have extensive regional experience of managing and supervising complex and large scale projects to completion with the combined effort of specialists and site services teams ensuring consistent design implementation and operational success.

We endeavor to provide seamless transition from design development to construction supervision and ultimately project management.

Our project & construction management services include:
  • PMO – Project Management Office
  • Construction Supervision
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Technical Advisory
Project & Construction Managment
Diyar’s reliable technology systems solutions are in great demand, in order to reach the expectation and improved quality of living for end-users. At Diyar, we offer secured and optimized systems to our clients, provide innovative technology services and offer leading edge and tailored ICT – Information Communication Technology – solutions.

ICT is a priority service, therefore a professional technology team of 30 ICT engineers will deliver bespoke End to End Technology & Security Systems measured to the client’s needs. Our services provide efficient technology solutions while prompting sustainability.

Our Technology services include:
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Immersive AV
  • Physical Security Systems
  • Audio Visual System
  • Data Centers
  • Safety Centers
  • Automation Systems
  • Smart Cities
  • Digitization
Technology & Mission Critical Solutions