Saudi Diyar Consultants (Diyar) journey of excellence started in 1985, successively developing into one of the leading architectural firms delivering multidisciplinary designs and projects in the Middle East over more than 35 years.

With staff resources of over 600 and multiple offices in Saudi Arabia and Cairo, Diyar has maintained an exceptional reputation in architecture and engineering services, resulting in the successful development of prominent architectural accomplishments within the Kingdom and MENA region.

Through close collaborations with partners and clients, Diyar has achieved a distinguished presence within the Kingdom in design, engineering, management and Information & Communication Technology services. We embrace a diverse range of sectors including hotels, resorts, residential, retail, entertainment, healthcare, mixed use, offices, cultural & religious, education, defense, industrial, city & master planning and mission-critical facilities.

At Diyar, we bring together integrity, international experience and a deep regional cultural understanding, ensuring we are distinctively placed to deliver solutions that consistently add significant value for our clients.
"Diyar’s strong, creativity driven design service combined with our extensive experience of the Saudi and regional market, means that we are uniquely placed to deliver designs that are not only beautiful but bring real benefits to our Clients."
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One Team

Our success is attributed to our team and partnerships with diverse expertise, skills, professionalism and talent, offering a continued commitment to quality delivering world-class services.

Diyar’s united team of 600 people with different backgrounds is empowered with unity, passion, positive energy and pronounced experience that help achieve great award-winning designs.

We are committed in offering the best quality of services of advanced design skills and technical capabilities. These include providing a recognised skill and knowledge in designing buildings responsive to the local environment and culture they are built within.

Our vision is IDEAS - Inspirational Design Enriching Arabian Societies. Where we are regarded as the architectural practice of choice for clients, contractors and employees while enriching the Arabian Social urban fabric. We view the design process holistically as a team effort, engaging closely with our clients and international partners, enabling something special to be achieved.
"Our design philosophy is based on well-thought design and its suitability to the context it belongs to. We always put the client's needs at the top of our priority, shaping our execution according to the distinctive identity of every project we undertake."
"Our highly-skilled team of project managers, supervisors and engineers makes Diyar a well-recognized firm for its efficiency in delivering every project with flawless attention to detail, dedication and commitment to functional excellence on every level."
“We build value through growing our clients to greater success. Your project is our project and our commitment to success makes all succeed.”

Our founder, Nafez Al Jundi has always put a higher purpose than just creating a successful company. His goal has always been to leave a positive impact on the community giving its people a successful and sustainable life. Under his humble leadership, the company is following a path with complete integrity and honesty.

Mr. Nafez has deep passion for the business ensuring a long-term growth to its people and clients. He is a mentor and an advisor who attributed his success on growing the best team, allowing them to lead his continuing legacy.
Mr Nafez Al Jundi
Founder and Chairman

Our Team

Fadi Mahmoud
Fadi has 35+ years of experience in Operations, Project and Design Management, Business Development, Master Planning, and Architectural Design for multi-billion US$ projects in the MENA region. Fadi joined the Diyar Consultants in 2022 and currently is the Acting Managing Principal leading the operations, directing the Business and providing strategic leadership.
Paul Andrew Dykes
Paul has an immense experience in operations and management, with 28+ years working in Real Estate Development and Construction Industries, including Regional and Business Leadership, Client Representation, PMO Rollout, Project Delivery and Project Management Consultancy.  Paul is strategic, with a diverse range of international and regional understanding and success, providing direction and high standards throughout Diyar.
Mohammed Zubair
Zubair is a highly experienced technology professional. His skills and knowledge are in the areas of critical IT systems, next generation networking design solutions, Data Centers, smart building technologies and business processes. Zubair leads the ICT team in delivering high standards of Mission Critical & High Tech solutions.
Riccardo Rabbiolo
Riccardo has tremendous professional experience in architecture and design and familiar with all the aspects of the design lifecycle, coordination with the engineering and related consultancies to the required quality. Leading, relationship building and constant interface with the client.
Dr. Essam Saleh
During the 30 years’ journey of multinational experiences / leadership positions in GCC and Middle East. Dr. Essam has been involved in different business cultures and successful practices in more than 10 development sectors, such as city developments, residential, education, healthcare, hospitality, infrastructure, and agro-industrial. Through continuous learning and focused research, Dr. Esam has developed a considerable knowledge base of latest business solutions, technology applications and scientific explorations, this could help the team in offering innovative and feasible solutions to clients.
Farraj Ali Metwally
Mr. Metwally joined Diyar Consultants in 1989 as a senior structural engineer and is now the director of structural design department in Cairo. Farraj has 40 years of experience in the design analysis, investigation, rehabilitation, new design and field inspection of steel and reinforced concrete structures. In Diyar, Farraj is able to manage complex structural designs to a diverse range of projects such as: hospitality, commercial, transportation, industrial and residential buildings.
Tarif Oueini
Tarif has 37 years of experience in design and supervision in major electrical projects in KSA and Lebanon. As the head of electrical design department in Diyar, Tarif leads operations in both Jeddah and Cairo offices, using his wide experience in the software industry. Tarif is knowledgeable with both international and local coding, also in MV and LV generation and distribution network, lighting, CCMS, building wiring and earthing.
Fadi Hilal
Fadi has a tremendous experience in mechanical engineering and project management in the middle east and North America. As the head of mechanical design department, Fadi leads the mechanical team, ensuring the delivery of effective technical design solutions. 
Sayed Abouauf
Sayed joined Diyar Consultants in 2011 as a senior structural engineer and is now the DHOD of structural department in Cairo. Prior to joining Diyar, Sayed has worked in Dimensions Eng. Consultants Dubai, and as a HOD in Jacobs international Holding Inc. in Abu-Dhabi. Sayed has 33 years of experience in the design analysis, investigation, rehabilitation, new design and field inspection of steel and reinforced concrete structures.
Ossama Sherbiny
Ossama has over 31 years of professional experience as an architect. Committed to quality excellence, Ossama’s goal is to produce high quality architectural designs delivering unique design concepts with clear construction vision that insures the concept can be properly implemented.
Mohammed Fouad
Mohammed has 31+ years of experience in design and project management. Mr Fouad has joined Diyar Consultants in 1997 and is currently a senior project manager. His experience covers a variety of public and private project types such as residential, commercial, offices, retail, high rise, mixed-use, institutional, hospitality and religious as well as site development.
Zaid Ibrahim
Zaid is an architect with 16+ years of experience within consulting firms with varied experience in architectural design, project management, and construction. Zaid manages effective working relations with stakeholders, VVIP clients, government representatives and other key parties to ensure project objectives are successfully met.
Abdullah AlQasem
Abdullah has 13+ years of professional experience in Design, Design Management, Construction Management and Business Development. Abdullah is also involved in local market matters, he is responsible of regulations, authority approvals and permits.
Amr Abdelraoof
Amr has a DBA, MBA, and BSc CE degrees and PMP, ACIArb certifications, with 16+ years of experience within consulting firms. Amr has joined Saudi Diyar Consultants in 2008 and is overseeing projects performed, liaison with our valuable clients and coordinating every aspect of the projects from a Commercial and Contractual perspective.
Rania Shafik
With over 23 years of experience working in Egypt and USA, Rania is considered a leading expert in Quality Assurance, Quality Control and design management. As the QAQC manager, Rania controls the design process of projects through all stages ensuring projects are well coordinated and reviewed with the team.
Mohammad Abdulbari
Mr. Abdul Bari is a Certified Management Accountant (USA) and a Cost Accountant (India), with more than 25 years of post qualification experience in diversified industries, predominantly in Engineering Consultancy businesses for the last two decades. At Diyar, Mr. Abdul Bari is focused on delivering cost effective methodologies, working capital management, devising management information systems, performance and financial reporting. 
Basit Alam
Basit has an MBA degree with 25+ years of experience in various consulting and contracting firms. In Diyar, Basit is leading the front corporate activities related to organisational design development and change management such as: strategy planning, designing business policies & programs, talent and organisational practices, also leading the governance and compliance matters.
Asmaa Atef
Asmaa has MSc. and is ISO19650 Certified, with  an experience in the Middle East and USA in Digital transformation & BIM Management implementation with a solid background of Architectural Engineering in a variety of projects. Asmaa is the lead figure in Diyar for Full Digital Delivery & BIM implementation transformation through having common goal in producing high quality BIM Models for both design and construction solutions leading Diyar to have full Digital Twin projects.