• Saudi Arabia | Offices

    Lotus Office Building
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    • 1990/92 Design construction
A part of the city's legacy, the Lotus Building is a place of great convenience and excellent execution of planning. An important part of the city, the building is also an exercise on the concept of critical regionalism and sustainability.

Value Excellence
Planned in the year 1990 and completed in the year 1992, the Lotus Building in Jeddah is one of the earliest approaches to a modern design element in the city. With a great exterior and even more beautiful interior work, the utilitarian planning of the place is apparent right when you walk into it.
An early drive through critical regionalism and sustainability in the city of Jeddah, the main feature of the inverted building is its thermal storage strategy. The planning and execution of this strategy often shocks people still when they realize how the building's design helps in preserving the pleasant coolness of the building, thus significantly reducing energy consumption.

Design & Quality Excellence
The Lotus Building standing the test of time for almost 2 decades now is a testimony of the brilliance that Diyar put in the planning and design of this building:
●    Comfortable and spacious interiors
●    State-of-the-art thermal storage and energy conservation strategy
●    Completely Sustainable Development

Location Excellence
The Lotus Building is located close to Madinah Road and in the Qasim Zinah Ar Rawdah area of central Jeddah.

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