• Saudi Arabia | Retail

    Red Sea Mall
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    • 183,000 Lot Area in SQM
    • 195,000 SQM of Built Area
    • 98,000 Shopping Area
The most successful shopping and commercial center of the city Jeddah, the Red Sea Mall is a grand combination of elegance and convenience. With the promise of offering something for everyone, it has become the go-to for Jeddah’s residents.

Value Excellence
A unique yet prominent addition to the city of Jeddah, the Red Sea Mall is a famous commercial center located on a land of about 183,000 square meters. With a total built-up area of 195,000 square meters (of which 98,000 square meters is leasable), the project has been offering numerous services to the visitors. With the ground, lower ground, and first floors dedicated to retail activities, the mall also features 2 hotel blocks, 4 stories each.
The mall is host to a large 15,000 square meter hypermarket, major retail outlets, children amusement center, a food court, and several public places. The most impressive feature of the mall is the large sky-lit atrium that provides a controlled natural lighting environment and an exciting indoor space. All of this combined makes the Red Sea Mall a favorite destination for Jeddah for both shopping and recreation.

Design & Quality Excellence
Creating the most successful shopping and commercial experience in Jeddah, Diyar contributed world-class features to the Red Sea Mall:
●    Sky-lit atrium for optimal use of natural light
●    Dedicated parking and service areas
●    Stores, Children amusement area, food court, and public spaces

Location Excellence
The Red Sea Mall is located on the main King Abdul Aziz Road in Northern Jeddah. 

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