• Egypt | Hospitality

    Hotel Rotana
    Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
    • 128,000 Lot Area in SQM
    • 60,000 SQM of Built Area
A hotel that provides luxurious services and a memorable stay experience to the divers that come here from around the world, the Grand Rotana is a class apart. Located right by the open sea, the Grand Rotana Hotel and Resort welcomes guests to enjoy the best days of their lives.

Value Excellence
A seaside luxury resort experience in Sharm al-sheik, Egypt, the Grand Rotana is especially loved for the breathtaking view of the Red Sea. With a 450m frontage on the waters, the hotel and resort provide a completely unique experience with a charming view of the Tiran Island, a popular spot for divers, snorkelers, and coral enthusiasts. There are many colorful and rich coral experiences scattered all around.
Spread in a huge area of about 128,000 square meters, the total built-up area of the hotel is 60,000 square meters. This includes luxurious villas, sea view hotel rooms, suites, conference center, restaurants, and bars. The amenities on the resorts also include indoor & outdoor recreation facilities, fitness centers, and sports courts.

Design & Quality Excellence
To provide an amazing experience to the guests, Diyar added a certain degree of experience to the overall splendor of the resort
●    A large swimming pool looking out onto the sea
●    Luxury Villas, rooms, and suites (with time-share options)
●    450 m direct frontage with the Red Sea

Location Excellence
Located to the south of the famous Shark Bay of Egypt, the Grand Rotana Resort is located 5km north of the Nehmah Bay and 5km south of the Sharm El Sheikh Airport.

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