Dyar services



Diyar's Engineering departments provide services covering project budgeting, preliminary designs through complete construction documents for residential, commercial, health care, hospitality, institutional and industrial projects. These services are rendered by an experienced body of engineers that are supported by state-of-the-art computer systems and engineering software. Our Engineers utilize the latest National and International Standards.

A- Structural Engineering
Diyar provides structural systems, suitable for various project types with a philosophy to create a Structural Design that would complement the Architectural Design facilitating ease of construction.

B- Mechanical & HVAC Engineering
- Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation Systems
- Energy Recovery Systems
- Car Parking Ventilation
- Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems
- Smoke Management & Control Systems
- Central Chillers & Boiler plants
- Steam & Hydraulic Systems
- District Cooling Systems

C- Plumbing & Sanitary Engineering
- Domestic Water Supply Distribution
- Domestic Hot Water Systems
- Sanitary Drainage Systems
- Interceptors, Traps and Separators
- Specialty Gas Piping Systems
- Fuel Storage and Distribution Systems
- Swimming Pool & Water Feature Filtration Systems

D- Fire Protection Engineering
- Water based Fire Protection Systems
- Clean agent Gas suppression Systems
- Foam Installation
- Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems
- Fire Protection for Hangers & Warehouses
- Fire Pumps and Private Fire Networks

E - Utilities
- Sea Water Treatment Systems
- Water Storage, Pumping & Distribution Systems
- Waste Water Treatment Systems
- Grey Water Recycling Systems

F-Electrical Engineering
- Power System
- Lighting Design
- Lighting and Grounding
- Stand-by Power System
- Consumption Studies
- Low Current Systems
- Fire Alarm System

Diyar provides comprehensive electrical design services for building services, infrastructure and industrial projects. Diyar offers specialized design expertise encompassing electrical power distribution networks, on-site generation, interior and exterior lighting, telecommunications infrastructure, fire detection and alarm, access control and security systems management, intelligent building management systems, and industrial power and controls. Also, Diyar provides a complete HVAC, plumbing, Fire protection & Site Utilities design for various project types.